Keeping you updated on Issue 1 and 2

October 31, 2023

As Ohioans gear up for the November 7 election, two critical ballot issues - Issue 1 (abortion rights) and Issue 2 (legalization of recreational marijuana) - are at the forefront of public discussion. Understanding these issues is crucial, and Voteable is your go-to platform for staying updated and making an informed decision.

Keeping Track of Issue 1: Abortion Rights

Celeste Houmard's FOX 8 article, "Poll: Where Ohioans stand on Issue 1 and 2," highlights a recent Baldwin Wallace University poll. This poll shows 58% of likely Ohio voters favor passing Issue 1, which aims to protect abortion rights, including access to contraception, fertility treatment, pregnancy continuation, miscarriage care, and abortion services. With the majorities across different political affiliations supporting Issue 1, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb noted, “A recent polling has shown that a majority of Ohioans believe that the language in the amendment speaks to a common sense approach to making sure we protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Through Voteable, you'll get timely updates, news about these topics, and clear explanations of what Issue 1 entails. Understanding the nuances and the public sentiment on this matter can help you see the broader social and political context of this ballot issue.

Staying Informed on Issue 2: Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Similarly, Issue 2, regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana, has shown significant public support, with 57% of voters indicating a yes vote. As Houmard notes, "66% of Democrats, 50% of Republicans, and 59% of independents plan to vote yes on Issue 2." Voteable ensures you are not only aware of these numbers but also helps in providing insights into what this change means for Ohioans, the potential impacts, and how it aligns with or differs from national trends.

Your Guide Through Every Step

Voteable's mission extends beyond just informing. It's about making connections between these issues and your daily life. Dr. Tom Sutton of Baldwin Wallace CRI points out, “Issue 1 and Issue 2 are personal for many Ohioans, which means that we can expect voter turnout will be much higher than usual for an off-year election.” This statement underlines the personal stakes involved, making Voteable's role in providing comprehensive, personalized insights even more critical.

A Platform for Engagement and Empowerment

On Voteable, you can follow the evolving discourse around these issues, engage in community discussions, and access resources that deepen your understanding. Whether it’s analyzing detailed polling data, reading expert opinions, or understanding the legal and social ramifications, Voteable empowers you to vote not just with awareness but also with conviction.

As Ohioans, your vote on Issue 1 and Issue 2 will shape the state's future. Voteable is here to ensure that when you cast your ballot, it's with the full weight of knowledge and understanding of what these decisions entail for Ohio.

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